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Creating a great year is like following a recipe.

Happy 2022 to you,

Through coaching and therapy, we support and help many people to achieve their personal goals and dreams. How can we give you the best recipe for 2022? The analogy came to us in our kitchen just a few days ago. We realized that personal development is a lot like cooking:

At the start, you have a goal like a cook who wants to serve a nice meal to other people. You make

a conscious personal choice to start.

Next, you need guidance - such as a recipe or a method - to show you how to achieve the mouth-watering feast you’re planning to serve. When it comes to personal development, this is when a trainer, a coach, or a therapist can help you to break your journey into small, gradient steps to achieve one at

a time.

Then, you also need your best ingredients; your talents and strengths. You might bring courage to try something new and innovative, or determination to finish your task or to solve any problem you might face.

And you are off to get cooking! You identify and add ingredients and techniques which give a great taste or a great texture to your meal. You put aside or transform ingredients or techniques which might spoil your meal and make it bitter, hard to digest or even raw.

This year we want to support you even more on your personal development journey, and to do that, we’re launching a monthly email with our insights, encouragement and advice. We hope you enjoy it and it helps you find the right ingredients and the ways to combine them into a delicious 2022.

Best wishes for 2022 from a team at Strengths for All and happy cooking.



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