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The difference between therapy and coaching and how to find the perfect option for you.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Whatever your situation may be like - and whatever the goals you desire to achieve this year - never lose faith in yourself. You can do it and you will succeed. You merit happiness and peace. And there is always someone who can help and encourage you…

In our last newsletter, we stirred the metaphor of personal development as cooking: choosing a recipe to have a clear goal to work towards, following the steps and getting help as needed, and finally, picking the best ingredients - your unique talents and strengths.

This time, we want to look a little bit deeper into the process of following the recipe, taking small steps towards your goal and finding the best forms of support along the way.

Fortunately, in today’s world, there is no shortage of support mechanisms. There are countless different coaching methods, therapy techniques and support groups to help you make the best blend of your inner ingredients. But how can one choose the best option for themselves and is there one optimal form of support for everyone? Being a unique team of a therapist and a coach, we wanted to dive deeper into the differences and similarities of these approaches. How do you know which one will work for you the best?

5 Approaches to Coaching, Therapy and Choosing the Right One for You

Since the end of last year, we’ve been working on a new, innovative and bespoke form of helping our clients achieve their personal best: a combination of therapy and coaching. The approach is novel and we’ve received quite a few questions and inquiries about the topic. Here are five things we find essential when talking about therapy and coaching.

1. Therapy and coaching can resolve similar needs

First of all, there aren’t really questions or issues specific to therapy and specific to coaching. Both forms of help can be used to ease different struggles: lack of confidence, stress at work or at home, lack of clarity when looking for a new direction in life…

2. A therapist and a coach look at things from different perspectives

However, as a therapist (Ladislav) and a coach (Marie), each of us has been trained in a different way. Hence, we pick up distinct signs and have our own approach to these situations. Marie focuses her coaching on the unique talents and strengths of her coachees and uses the framework of positive psychology. Ladislav, on the other hand, picks up subconscious patterns and blockages and uses hypnotherapy and other techniques to resolve them.

3. Coaching helps find answers, therapy works with the unconscious patterns

One difference between coaching and therapy are the methods used. In coaching, a coach asks the right questions to give power and confidence to the person, guiding them to find his or her answers to those questions.

Not everything is always easily accessible through words, though, and here Ladislav’s expertise in hypnotherapy can be really helpful. His therapy work doesn’t require as much verbalizing.

4. Sometimes a mix of both approaches is the best fit

In a coaching or therapy process, there are different stages. A client, for example, can start a coaching process and after a while come across a deeper stumbling block, such as unresolved stress, a bad experience or even trauma. In these situations, resorting to therapy can help unblock the situation more quickly and the coaching process can take up speed again.

5. More important than a label is finding the right person

Which one works for you and which one do you need right now? It’s not always easy to tell right away. That’s why it’s recommended to first of all find the right person rather than a specific method. We personally always meet or speak with all of our clients before launching into a collaboration. This pre-chat allows us to make suggestions and understand how - and if - we’re the best people to help them. Decisions about the right mix of therapy and coaching can also be made during the collaboration, as the time is right.

Got any questions? You know where to find us! Just click schedule your complimentary call and we’ll answer your questions and help you find your unique path to personal transformation.

With all our love, Marie and Ladislav



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