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I approached Marie Pavelka as my coach because I decided to go for real professional journey. As well my choice was targeted due to the fact that our roads crossed time ago in previous company. I was sure that her attitude and expertise will help me to realize my plan for professional and personal development. I needed her to help me create my own understanding of what I have achieved and to get beyond my self-imposed limits. I had no idea she would be instrumental in helping me find myself and at the same time to identify the closest possible professional scenario for the next step. Because of her belief and commitment in me, I am now accepting the professional life of the person I always dreamed I could be. Bigger than I thought  I could be. Through her listening, questioning and insights, she allowed me to bring to life character traits in myself that I now use to make a difference in the world-both personal and professional, which is what really matters to me. She has an amazing charisma in her ability to get beyond surface issues and dive in different personality and profession levels which move you above and beyond where even you thought you could go. Every time a session ends, I was amazed at what has transpired in me. Marie and her coaching business is very professionally oriented, at the same time friendly, honest, caring and generous. I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach.

Boryana Alexieva

Government Affairs & Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead at Janssen EMEA