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Career and life coaching
with Marie

You are one of a kind. You have unique gifts you brought to this world. It is time to discover them and use them.

When you know, who you are, that means what you are exceptionally good at and where you need help from others, you can become the best version of you. You can lead and live your life to its full potential and beauty and create abundance for you and all around you.  

I will help you discover who you are, so you can start feeling in flow, energized, at peace and in harmony with you and those around you. You can live your life with no regrets. I will help you build what you yearn to build; a career, a business, a partnership, life-work balance …etc.

To do that, I create a space for you and hold it as long as you need it. I use one of the most reliable and proven tools to discover your natural talents. You will obtain CliftonStrengths questionnaire and if needed BP10 also questionnaire, to unlock and maximize your potential.


I will accompany you to transfer your talents into strengths. You will be able as an individual, leader, manager, partner or colleague to name, claim and aim your strengths effectively. I will add more practical tools, skills and knowledge to create your path to success  as needed. 

We will together measure and calibrate your progress until you succeed. 

Are you ready to discover your unique gits and discuss a bespoke program I always tailor to your individual needs and situation? Just book a call with me.  

Strengths-based development for teams and leaders

When the leader and all team members discover what they are naturally good at their wellbeing and productivity increases. They can tap into their unique potential. They willingly take responsibilities for tasks which allow them to do what they do best. They know with whom to partner to complement each other and they embrace their team's diversity as their true advantage. 

It is not a surprise that people who know their strengths and use them consciously are 3times as likely to report having an excellent quality of live. They are 6times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They use their strengths every day. And over all, teams who receive strengths coaching have 7.8% greater productivity and 8.9% greater profitability than those who did not. 

Leaders who know their strengths, know how to develop and nurture their unique leadership style. They understand the 4 key needs of their followers and know how to meet them. 


With Strengths for All you, the leader, discover your team's unique strengths DNA and what makes people follow or quit their leaders. 


Engage Strengths for All to help your team grow, increase its engagement and succeed. Work with us to create something new, to overcome challenges like reorganizations and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, or even industrial actions and strikes to succeed. Marie and her partners will help you.


All you need is to book a call with Marie to discuss your needs.      

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