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Permaculture is a way how to work and live with the nature rather than against it in the most sustainable way possible. 

As a scientific method promoted by The Permaculture Research Institute, it originated in 1970s in Australia and has been taught, practiced and appreciated by millions ever since.   

We, human beings, are part of the nature and working with the nature, not against it, keeps our body and mind healthy. 

Our permaculture consultations help you learn how to provide for yourself, your family or your community in a sustainable way, produce surplus to share with others, create abundance and develop holistic understanding of your natural surroundings. 


We learn that the problems are in fact solutions and that every problem can be resolved in a garden. As certified Permaculture Designers by the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, we accompany people on their sustainability projects by direct design, teachings and sharing of knowledge and resources. Strengths for All sponsors and supports local communities and local non-for profit permaculture activities. For details what we do and how please visit Passion Permaculture in Switzerland.    

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