My purpose is to help you find your unique gifts, fall in love with them and use them to everyone's benefit. 

I had a dream in which I became Strengths for All. 

I live this dream ever since. I am an entrepreneur, a coach and an artist. 

I am here to help you find a way towards your True Self Within, the rest will follow. 


On my journey towards my True Self Within I have been among others building and leading high performing teams in large multinational companies or privately owned start-ups. Over 20 years I have been seeking and assessing talents, developing people and driving for success.  With the same passion, I have been supporting entire organizations, teams and their leaders as well as innovative entrepreneurs and all individuals ready to make changes in their lives, who came to me seeking guidance and direction. I bring unity in diversity. 

I love to coach, guide, facilitate, create and train. No difference whether I work with big international clients at all levels of leadership and organizations, or with people who came individually to learn, discover, re-connect and create. I love to give back by accepting to regularly speak on topics related to human values, talent development, engagement, and leadership at international conferences.

I am based in Switzerland and with my very diverse strategic partners we support Strengths for All’s clients all around the world. I personally coach, facilitate and train in English, French and Czech languages. 


  • Gallup Certified Strength Coach

  • Certified Permaculture Designer

  • Change Facilitator


  • Masters Degree in Business Administration

  • Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Pedagogy