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ABOUT ladislav

Help ever, hurt never. 

My colleagues, friends and family always ask me why I did not become a doctor.  I love to help others heal, regain confidence and lead happy and meaningful life. My core values guide me to fulfill my mission. 


Curious since my childhood about the power of consciousness,  human soul and everything mysterious, I was initiated in Reiki by Dr. Mari Hall in 1992. Dr. Hall is a US based Reiki Master, Professor and Doctor in Education, Social Sciences and Doctor Honorius in Theology. 


Since then I kept discovering and practicing various spiritual techniques and philosophies. In 2017 I became certified in hypnosis by Isabelle David, Master Educator in Hypnosis from Canada. 

I have been following the continuous education in hypnotherapy by Mike Mandel from the Academy of Hypnosis in Toronto, Canada. I consult with PhD. Jiri Zika in the Czech Republic . PhD. Zika is hypnotherapist, teacher of hypnosis and author of numerous books on hypnotherapy. 


Due to my passion to help our clients, I work with people from different countries and backgrounds in group sessions or individually. My experience shows that in a small group the power of healing is enforced and accelerated also thanks to the energy and mutual support of our highly motivated participants. 

I work with all who seek help with their problems, whether these are psychological or physiological. I reinforce and stimulate their healing. In my sessions we practice relaxation, concentration on the problem and healing techniques which can be then practiced by the patient at home. Every time we measure the healing progress until we reach the desired outcome. 

Since 2020 I have been trained by Peter Hyatt as a statement analyst. This knowledge gives me a unique edge to help people find their true authentic voice and to well understand the words of others.  


  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Permaculture Designer

  • Reiki Practisioner


  • Electro Engineering College 

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