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about strengths for all


Strengths for All Sàrl. is a Swiss based, privately owned company created by Marie Pavelka in 2016. 

Marie is a former senior executive with many years of successful international career. She worked with Fortune 500 companies in the field of HR, recruitment, talent and project management. She is certified Strength Coach by Gallup organization, the world leading independent analytics firm focusing on strengths-based development and employees engagement.    

Marie was Initially solicited for executive and career coaching of both individual leaders and international teams. She soon supported hundreds of professionals and dozens of teams across Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia both virtually and in person.  

Over the years, her coaching practices extended to add life coaching, counselling and facilitating. Being among the first independent strength coaches certified by Gallup in Europe, she keeps also training, mentoring and supervising other coaches.  

In 2020 she opened a Strengths Space for All in Switzerland, where teams, individuals or groups come for coaching sessions, workshops and intensive retreats. Each visitor benefits from a serenity of a surrounding permaculture garden combined with creative vibes of her artistic studio.  She also continues to coach, facilitate, counsel, mentor and train her clients virtually by video.  


With increasing number of clients coming to Strengths for All while suffering burnouts, stress and work-life imbalance, Marie responded to their needs. She joined forces with Ladislav, a certified therapist and statement analyst. Since 2021 they offer innovative and unique programs combining coaching, therapy, statement analysis with permaculture principles to help their clients.  

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Marie Pavelka
Founder of Strengths for All 

I am here to personally help you find your unique talents, fall in love with them, use them to everyone's benefit and then ultimately, when you are ready, to transform them into strengths to meet your True Self Within. To do so, I follow the path of knowledge, action and love. 


On my journey to the True Self Within I have travelled the world, worked with many diverse organizations; including the global biomedical and engineering leaders.  I worked successfully through mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, frequent changes and reorganizations, massive recruitments as well as outplacements. I met people from many cultures, got mentored, coached, challenged, guided and loved.

My life changing moment happened, when discovered my unique talents and gave myself a permission to use them for the benefits of others. I love connecting the dots, coaching, sharing and co-creating. 

I am based in Switzerland. I lived and worked also in England, France and the Czech Republic.  


I am Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Change Facilitator, Certified Talent Assessor and Certified Permaculture Designer. I obtained a university degree in Fine Arts and Pedagogy in the Czech Republic,  a MBA degree in England and a language university certificate in France.    

I am also an active artist and a social entrepreneur. I support my clients in English, French and Czech languages. For any other languages, I work with my more language gifted strategic partners. 

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Ladislav Pavelka
Therapist & Statement Analyst

I deeply believe that every person deserves to be happy and that every person can change their life for the better.


Your subconscious blockages, fears and behavior patterns, which do not allow you to move forward, could be dissolved and changed into positive ones. Your decision to accept my help is usually that first positive step.


As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am here to help you heal and restore your balance and well-being. I will work with you on all levels of body, mind and spirit as per your needs. ​


As a statement analyst, I'm here to help you communicate with clarity and conviction. I will also help you understand what others are telling you or not telling you. The scientific approach of statement analysis makes it more than an analysis of your written or oral statements.


This technique can help you express your intention with sincerity. It makes your communication more powerful. ​ To help you become a confident and effective speaker, we work and practice together. You will learn to recognize possible discrepancies and deceptions in other people's statements. ​


I am also a Certified Permaculture Designer, Initiated Reiki Practitioner and Healing Coordinator. ​ I will help you in English, French and Czech.

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