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Strengths for All is a Swiss based social enterprise created

by Marie Pavelka in 2016. Marie engages her international network of strategic partners on a project basis.


Strengths for All works globally and follows the path

of knowledge, action and love. 


We help people, teams and organizations build their 

confidence to succeed, create their future, re-connect to their inner wisdom through direct grasp, insight and intuition.  


Marie believes in the power of giving and offers part of company's profit every year to co-fund development of those who need us and momentarily cannot afford our services.  


In a vivid dream, it was said, that when we re-connect to our true potential and power we can become strength for all. 

That is why we coach, teach, facilitate and guide 

individuals, groups, teams and organizations to re-discover their unique talents, to fall in love with them and to transform them into strengths.

It gives us enormous pleasure to see our clients achieving their dreams, finding their confidence and purpose.

We love to share our knowledge with our clients, so we train them to become strengths leaders themselves to the benefits of everyone involved. 


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Strengths for All Sàrl.

Chemin des Biches 5B

1407 - Donneloye, Switzerland


Tel. office: +41 (0) 24 433 12 37

Tel. mobile: +41 (0) 79 555 09 62

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