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Strengths for All is a Swiss based social enterprise created

in 2016 by Marie Pavelka. It is a holistic company. 


We work globally and follow the path of knowledge, action and love. We help people, teams and organizations build their 

confidence to succeed, create their future, re-connect to their inner wisdom through direct grasp, insight and intuition.  


We believe in the power of giving and offer part of our company's profit every year to co-fund development of those who need us

and momentarily cannot afford our services.  We also actively support Passion Permaculture to help people create abundance to feed themselves in a way that protects the soil, the people and share surplus. 



Marie is the coach, artist and permaculture designer. She coaches, teaches, facilitates and guides individuals, groups, teams and entire organizations to discover their unique talents, to fall in love with them and to transform them into strengths. She also runs 

Transformative Art classes and various workshops and retreats. 

Ladislav is the therapist, the permaculture gardener, designer, beekeeper and the one, who transforms flour and water into delicious bread and our freshly produced fruit and vegetables into all sorts of fermented products. He runs individual and group sessions as well as  classes of bread making, fermentation, or organic gardening. 

Together we combine our unique talents to create holistic programs only we can do.


Castus is the mascot of our Strengths Space for All. 


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